From the recording Alien Summer

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An Okay Way to Go

The coyote fence keeps the meth heads away
I feel my best when I drink every day
There’s a radio tower in my neighbor’s yard
Once I saw a body hanging out of a parked car

Sometimes the street smells like dead fish when it rains
It washes down from 12th and comes out of the sewer drains
But I don’t care which way the sewage flows
It seems like an ok way to go

New year’s eve means lots of people firing at the sky
Bullets flying overhead, I think I’m gonna die
I wonder about the chemistry of things when they burn
Flashing violent sparks falling down towards the earth

Had this cough for months, I may pass out in the road
They’ll find me in a week, frozen laughing at the snow
But I don’t mind dying in the snow
It seems like an ok way to go

It seems like an ok way to go