“Outrageously interesting arrangements!”  
-August March, Weekly Alibi  

“Best live show I’ve seen in Albuquerque!”  
-Bruce Ponder, Audience Member  

"A breath of fresh air"
-John R.F. Nichols, 5 Cent Productions

"I would love to see a movie based on this album!"
-Ashley Paskill [on Alien Summer], That Mag

"Hunton's ... perfectly and poetically deranged  
sentiment can raise a smile as well as a shiver"  

-Mel Minter, Musically Speaking

"This gothic opera is sure to blow everyone away"
-Philip Laniere, 1st Day Fresh

“A very eclectic and energetic mix of styles”
- Josh Muncke, Sonic Perspectives

“Plays out like an epic drama…with their cinematic,
ambitious, splashy approach to music”

– Aaron Willschick, V13 Media 

“Satisfying new collection of songs”
– Kristy Rose, Top Shelf Music Magazine 

"[DCO takes] listeners on an intergalactic,
apocalyptic journey unlike ever before"

-Philip Laniere, 1st Day Fresh