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“Outrageously interesting arrangements!” 
-Weekly Alibi 

“Best live show I’ve seen in Albuquerque!” 
-Bruce Ponder 

"Hunton's ... perfectly and poetically deranged 
sentiment can raise a smile as well as a shiver" 

-Musically Speaking


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About Us

About us

Dust City Opera is an eccentric folk-rock orchestra from Albuquerque, New Mexico led by acclaimed singer/songwriter, Paul Hunton. Under Hunton’s leadership, this eclectic ensemble, which features trombone, clarinet, and accordion, creates a uniquely southwestern sound that keeps audiences wondering what is coming next.  

The rock orchestra's debut album, "Heaven," sparked a wave of media appearances and captured international attention with industry leaders, landing the band Modern Musician’s 2019 Gold Artist of the Year award.  

Dust City Opera’s sights are focused on sustaining their independent music career by building recognition for their distinctive music on festival stages and radio stations across the country. They are currently recording their second full-length record, “Alien Summer,” and have a US tour planned for the fall of 2021.

Meet the band! (left to right):
Justin McLauchlin (synth, bass): Our most eligible bachelor. Paul Hunton (lead vocals, guitar): Fabulous. Impersonable. Fortuitous. Also, hot. Travis Rourk (trombone): He is a trombone slayer. He is the most sick. Jackie Chacon (drums): She’s an SLP and leads her own rock band and still makes time for us. Scott Brewer (bass): Plays bass. Also a doctor. Just kidding. Also a pilot. Not kidding. Clara Byom (clarinet, accordion): When she’s not with us, she’s milking cows.