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New Single “Stars” Available Now! 

We busted our butts on this new single and music video and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

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“Outrageously interesting arrangements”  
-weekly alibi  

“Best live show I’ve seen in ABQ”  
-Bruce Ponder 

  "Hunton's ... perfectly and poetically deranged sentiment can raise a smile as well as a shiver." 
-mel minter


"Hunton weaves compelling tales of light and dark using a vocal 
tone and range that buries listeners in a rich tenor that sometimes shocks.” 

-weekly alibi



About Us

We are Dust City Opera, the eccentric, folk-rock brainchild of singer/songwriter Paul Hunton. We came together in 2018 to play a show with a few friends and unexpectedly grew into a fun, rocking band. We’re what you get if Chris Cornell, Tom Waits, and Cake had a rock ‘n’ roll demon baby with a love for dark humor. 

Paul’s dry wit and gift for storytelling give our music a blend of death and levity. Our songs are an eclectic stack of dark, absurd, silly, and even sometimes serious stuff. We have a lot of songs about dying. We’ve got some drinkin’ songs. We’ve even got an anthem for gay cowboys. 

At the end of the day, we just want to make great music, play fun shows, and connect personally with our friends and fans …And drink craft beer. And eat snax. 

We’re working on new music in 2021 and looking forward to the day we can tour again.  

Meet the band (left to right): 

Jared Putnam (lead guitar): J-Rod aka Hot Licks. His skills are much tight and very rad. 

Travis Rourk (trombone): He is a trombone slayer. He is the most sick. 

Jackie Chacon (drums): She’s an SLP and leads her own rock band and still makes time for us. 

Justin McLauchlin (synth, bass): Our most eligible bachelor. 😉 

Paul Hunton (lead vocals, guitar): Fabulous. Impersonable. Fortuitous. Also, hot. 

Scott Brewer (bass): Plays bass. Also a doctor. Just kidding. Also a pilot. Not kidding. 

[not pictured] Clara Byom (clarinet, accordion): When she’s not with us, she’s milking cows.

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