Thank you to our kids, Boo & Bagu, for sticking out our late night bar gigs, our neighbors for putting up with out early morning rehearsals, and our manager, Sydney, for her unwavering supply of support (and snacks). Thank you to Matthew, Bill, Doug, Cheese, Jackie, Noah, Sage, Jesse, Barney, Possum, Danny, The Counce Family, & the Albuquerque music community! 

We are: Paul Hunton (vocals, guitar) • Jared Putnam (guitar) • Justin McLauchlin (bass) • Travis Rourk (trombone, euphonium) • Clara Byom (accordion, clarinets) • Greg Williams (drums)  

Recorded by Matthew Tobias at Empty House Studio • Mixed by Bill Palmer • Mastered by Doug Van Sloun • Album artwork by Sydney Counce  

All songs written by Paul Hunton except “I Need A Man” by Paul Hunton & Noah Armstrong and “A Place” by Paul Hunton & Sydney Counce •  Backing vocals on “Romance for the End of Days” by Sage Harrington • Lead guitar on “For Yaqi” by Bill Palmer