About Us

We are the Dust City Opera, the American Southwest’s freshest indie folk-rock band led by singer/songwriter Paul Hunton.  We’re known for our unique instrumentation and crafty songwriting, juxtaposing dark, bold subject matter over whimsical, light-hearted melodies. Hunton’s songwriting is strikingly visual and spans the spectrum from playful to apocalyptic, balancing his powerful voice over exceptional arrangements of dreamy guitar licks and intensely rich horns.  

We have been compared to likeness of Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, and Cake with an acoustic, folksy richness that is paired with a unique instrumentation of clarinets, trombone, accordion, the occasional vibraslap, (and YELLING!). 

The release of our debut album, Heaven, in early 2019 sparked a handful of radio, magazine, and TV appearances and garnered international attention with music bloggers and industry leaders such as Eric Alper (US), Keep Walking Music (Spain), We Love That Sound (Germany), MP3 Hugger (Ireland), Movimento Country (Portugal), and many more.  

If you'd like to see our dramatic and frivolous musical whimsies come to life, check us out on SpotifyFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and stay up-to-date on upcoming shows and tours!  

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We are (left to right): Jared Putnam (lead guitar, vocals), Scott Brewer (bass), Greg Williams (drums), Justin McLauchlin (bass), Travis Rourk (trombone, trumpet, vocals), Clara Byom (accordion, clarinet, keyboard), Paul Hunton (lead vocals, guitar)


What people are saying about us: 

“Outrageously interesting arrangements” 

“Tasty tone and daring directionality” 

“Best live show I’ve seen in ABQ” 

 "Hunton weaves compelling tales of light and dark using a vocal tone and range that buries listeners in a rich [baritone] that sometimes shocks.”